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March 22, 2006

Kiss the Earth

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The vision of the Pope getting off an airplane and kissing the ground is a strong one in my mind. I’m not Catholic, so the Pope seemed like a strange mythical creature to me. One that could bestow blessings on a land just by kissing it. My childlike mind was imprinted with that view of the Pope so strongly that it remains to this day.

When we travel, however, what is to stop us from kissing the earth when we arrive. Whether it is by train, plane or automobile, why do we not bestow our own blessings on the ground when we visit a new destination? Why is it only the Pope that gets down on his knees and embraces the earth?

We travel to see new lands and new people and new buildings. We spend a lot of money to do it, yet I rarely see gratitude of this in such a vivid act as kissing the earth. Sure, frazzled fliers kiss the tarmac after a grissly flight, but other than that, I have only seen the Pope be that grateful for the lands he visits.

Next time you get off the airplane and step into a different land, be mindful of the great opportunity that has been alloted you. Smell the air. Let the sun blind you. Listen for native birds and local industry. Taste the exotic food.

And kiss the earth.

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