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March 31, 2006

HotelChatter Rates the WiFi in Hotels for 2006

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WiFi, or Wireless Internet, is a service that hotels are using to make themselves look more appealing. Just like in hotel gyms and swimming pools, having Wireless Internet can make or break a hotel. Mike and I do so much work while we are out of town, that we won’t stay in a hotel that doesn’t have WiFi.

Unfortunately, if a hotel has Wireless Internet, that doesn’t mean the same thing everywhere. It might mean that I have to pay ten bucks a day to access it. It might mean it’s free for both me and Mike. It might mean (such as the case at the Hilton in Austin) that it will cost us ten bucks a day and only one of our computers can access it at once.

HotelChatter has taken the time to rate hotels based on WiFi access. First the good news:

Here is the list of the best hotels that have WiFi:

Now, the bad news. If you’re planning on travelling and need to have access to the Internet, you might want to avoid these places, according to HotelChatter.

The worst hotels for WiFi are listed here:

These articles are a little pretentious and assume that they are only talking to jet setters:

“So if you don’t mind staying at the Holiday Inn instead of some place more glamorous your money is well spent here.”

I’ve found that the small Mom and Pop hotels all across the nation are jumping on the WiFi bandwagon, but they are going to be unable to explain the terms unless they are free. The good news is that many of these little motels and hotels ARE offering free Wireless Internet in order to attract you away from the bigger companies.

I like the Mom and Pop motels better anyway. They seem to care whether we enjoyed our stay more than the automatons that the big companies hire.

Via: Boing Boing: America’s worst WiFi hotels

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