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June 10, 2006

San Francisco, CA: Rainbow Mural

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We were walking through the Haight. We stopped at the corner of Cole and Haight for a cup of coffee. While we waited for the barista, I sat on the chairs watching the artist paint a mural. My friend, Kathleen Bennett explained the back story to me on video.

Click here to see the video

Yana Zegri painted a mural there long ago. When the building needed repairs, the mural needed to be sacrificed to save the building. Now that the building is rehabilitated, they hired the original artist to re-paint the mural, and it’s gorgeous. It’s called Evolutionary Rainbow and depicts the evolution of the planet from the primordial soup to the age of humans. From my vantage point at the coffee shop, it looked like a watery rainbow, but when you get up close, each color depicts a stage in our evolution. Here are some photos:

Where: On Cole Street near Haight, San Francisco, California Google Map

For More Photos: Flicker Photo Group: Evolutionary Rainbow

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