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June 5, 2006

Devil’s Kitchen, Utah: Campsite #2

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After getting past Elephant Hill in Stacey and Dan’s Hummer, we finally arrived to our campsite at Devil’s Kitchen. When I saw how far back it was from the main thoroughfare and enjoyed its private enclosure away from other campers and nearly surrounded by rock, I KNEW that the ride up was worth it.

As soon as we set up camp, I took a video of what our camp looked like. The campsite marker was by the road and we parked the bright yellow Hummer nearby, but the actual campsite was hidden past a small trail flanked by rock and vegetation. It took a full minute’s walk to get down the trail enough to find our campsite.

Click here to see the video

There have been so many times when we have camped in huge communal campsites, but this area felt entirely private. Sure, there were three other campsites, but each were separated from us by stone. Mike and I are completely unable to get to this campsite without the Hummer and suddenly the reason that people go off-roading became strikingly clear to me.

Off-roading takes you places that no one else can go.

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June 2, 2006

Elephant Hill, Utah: My Introduction to Off-Roading

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I thought off-roading was a bouncy bunch of guys in Jeeps screaming and yelling while they go over the rocks all liquored up and willing to shoot at anything that moves. About a year ago, Stacey and Dan bought a Hummer H3. They have been taking it off-roading all over the state, but Mike and I have only gone with them once on a really minor 15 minute drive. I avoided off-roading because I had this pre-conceived image of what off-roading entails.

Instead, off-roading is a slow, meticulous and calculating journey. They were constantly checking where it was best to go in order not to damage the vehicle. This 1:52 minute video shows what off-roading was like for my introduction.

Click here to see the video

The drive was 45 minutes of careful driving, but once we got to Devil’s Kitchen, I knew it was totally worth it. Our campsite was remote and private. Tune in on Monday to see a video of what it looked like.

For More Information on our route:

June 1, 2006

A New Kind of Travel Video

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When Mike took so many pictures tide-pooling at Swami’s Beach in Encinitas, CA, I took the video camera for a walk for over 45 minutes. I have created a DVD of that walk and it’s available for purchase now.

I created this video for Starling Fitness so you could watch it while walking on a treadmill or riding an exercise bike, but it is also a relaxing vacation in a DVD that you can pop into your player whenever you’re feeling trapped at home.

If you’re dreaming of sandy beaches, this video has it for you!

This video is only a minute and a half, but it gives you an idea of what you will see.

Click here to see the video

The DVD is 49:13 minutes long. It is shipped via U.S. mail.

Cost: $5 (including shipping and handling in the U.S.)

Order Starling Fitness Walking Videos Here

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