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January 29, 2007

Travel Essentials: Bagettes

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My secret to being able to pack a lot in a small toiletry bag is Bagettes. They are tiny ziplock bags that allow me to pack a wide range of medications in a small container. I also use Bagettes in my purse so I can carry pain reliever. I found these at Michael’s Arts and Crafts because they are also incredibly useful for holding beads, knitting markers or any number of other craft items.

Here are some tips for using these little ziplock bags wisely:

  • Label your bags: Using a Sharpie marker, write the contents on the bag. My vitamin bags aren’t labeled. If they weren’t so brightly colored, I might mistake them for a different pill. So many pills look the same that it’s safest to label the bags.

  • Label the instructions: If it is a drug you’re not familiar with, it’s essential that you include the dosage and instructions (like I did on the Mylanta bag shown).

  • Do not use these for prescription drugs, especially if you travel on airplanes. The TSA is searching bags and if they find prescription drugs that are not in their original prescription bottle, it could delay you or worse, you could end up investigated for drug charges.

  • Replace them often: These bags are cheap and come 200 in a tiny box. If you start to have a little bit of wear on the bag, replace it. There’s no point in letting them wear out completely and having loose pills all over your purse or toiletry bag.

Since I have found this package of Bagettes, I haven’t had to buy another. I only used about 15 bags total, so a box of 200 is basically a lifetime’s supply. I think I spent four bucks for that box, so it’s a great deal. I wish sold them so I could link you to them, but I did find them online in a couple of places:

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