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March 7, 2007

Austin, Texas Reader Meetup: CANCELLED

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Reader Meetup Fortune

After a heated discussion on whether we should cancel the Reader Meetup, we let the fortune cookie decide our fate. It said, “A man who dares to waste an hour of time hasn’t discovered the value of life.”

It’s not like we don’t want to spend an hour with our readers; we really do. Unfortunately, the few people who contacted us in Austin have either not responded to our email announcing the event or cancelled. No one has RSVP’d on the site, so the underwhelming response says: CANCEL.

If you live in Austin and were considering going to the Reader Meetup, contact me. Mike and I are are going to this event, which is open to the public, so you’re free to show up here as well.

Your Video Blog Can Save the World

Friday, March 9th, 2005 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Carver Museum Cultural Center (1161 Angelna Street). Google Map FREE admission, no badge or pre-event signup needed to attend this session.

March 5, 2007

Are You Going to Vegas on July 7, 2007?

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Apparently, all the Las Vegas hotels are filling up fast for July 7th, 2007. I am usually a numbers obsessive, but this date slipped right past my notice this year. 777 is a lucky number for some, so the date of 07/07/07 is filling the Vegas hotels. Or… is this article from World Hum just bogus?

I checked the hotel reservation calendar for The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. This is the current listing for July. I highlighted the 7th, and the hotel room costs about as much as it usually does in July. In fact, it’s a few bucks cheaper than the following weekend.

If hotels were really filling up and booking fast for 07/07/07, then the hotel rate would reflect that. The rates for the Luxor during CES were well over $200. It sounds like World Hum’s article is more about selling hotel rooms than about what’s really going on.

Sure, there might be a run on the hotel rooms when it gets closer to July, but it’s not happening right now. I like to think that we humans are less superstitious than you make us out to be…

March 2, 2007

Reader Meetup in Austin, Texas: March 9th

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Austin Barnes and NobleMichael and I are going to be in Austin, Texas for SXSW. While we’re there, we wanted to allow our readers to have a chance to meet us, so we set up a reader meetup at the Sunset Valley Barnes and Noble:

Location: Barnes & Noble – Sunset Valley
5601 Brodie Lane Suite 300, Austin, TX 78745 Google Map
Phone: 512-892-3493

Date and Time: March 9, 2006 6pm-7pm

Please RSVP using so that we don’t feel like we’re going to be waiting at the bookstore all alone:

We are going to hang around for an hour, gathering readers and then we are going to let you pick a restaurant where we can eat and hang out for longer if you want. We are really interested in what we can do to make Starling Travel a better place to be. What are you interested in? What bores you? How can we help you? Come with ideas and helpful hints because we’re all ears!

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