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May 14, 2007

Travel Tips From Tara Hunt

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Tara Hunt travels more in a month than most of us travel in a year. She has some excellent tips on how to travel and pack efficiently here:

I’m an over-packer, especially when we take the car and I know I CAN overpack. Her tips on how to pack well are invaluable to me:

  • PACKING #2: Speaking of the ‘JUST IN CASE’ outfits…bring them! These include a bathing suit (must), one evening outfit (must) and workout gear (optional, but really good idea). Nothing is worse than having to buy overpriced hotel bathing suits or dress shoes.

  • PACKING #3: If you consistently find yourself overpacking, at the end of each trip, pull all of your items out of your suitcase and lay out in “wore” and “didn’t wear” piles. Photograph them and upload them to Flickr. Refer to them everytime you go to pack.

I never thought of this for taxes:

  • FINANCES: Buy manilla envelopes. Pack one with you, labeled with the dates and place you are traveling. Put receipts in this envelope as you go. It will save hassles when you get back.

From how to deal with jet-lag to when to leave for the airport. Tara has a huge list of helpful hints for travel.

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