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September 24, 2007

Hotel SWAG: Are Key Cards SWAG?

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Keycards at Best Western Croswinds Motor Inn

Long ago, I remember watching an episode of MTV Cribs. I think it was about the guys from Blink 182. They were showing off their tour bus and they had a box of key cards from all the hotels that they stayed at while they were on the road.

Are key cards SWAG? Are you allowed to take them?

My instinct was NO. They open the freakin’ door, they can be reprogramed and reused, so NO, you shouldn’t keep them. They probably cost the hotel a lot of money.

Then I looked up how much they cost:

A hotel can buy a box of 1000 preprinted key cards for $85. That makes them less than 10 cents apiece. Of course, the custom printed key cards will cost more, but assuming the custom printed cards are 20 cents, that makes them less than the shampoo they leave by your bathtub.

It looks like people even collect and exchange key cards:

Are hotel key cards SWAG? My instinct says no, but it appears that everyone else disagrees with me.

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