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September 14, 2007

Austin, Texas – New York Times

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Mike and I go to Austin, Texas every year for the SXSW Interative Festival. It’s nice to see that the New York Times have noticed how entertaining the city is:

Since Austin is so close to San Antonio, a visit to those two cities is a great trip. Here are all the entries in which we’ve talked about Austin, Texas:

You can see my links to San Antonio here:

September 12, 2007

South Carolina: Scarecrow Wedding in Spartanburg

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Imagine walking on a hiking trail in Spartanburg, South Carolina when you happen upon this scene:

Scarecrow Wedding

The Scarecrow Wedding decorated the trail back in March and entertained the walkers, runners and hikers along the way. You can see more photos here:


September 11, 2007

Traveling Today?

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On the sixth anniversary of September 11, 2001, I wonder if anyone is still superstitious about traveling today. I wonder if there is a discount on airfare on September 11.

We flew out of Salt Lake City on the opening day of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Because of September 11th, we bought plane tickets for outrageously low prices. Because of the Olympics, however, we endured pat down searches and had to remove our shoes. Back then, it felt like an outrage to be asked to remove our shoes.

Now, we’re all used to it.

I hope things are quiet and pleasant today with no tragedies or attacks. I hope all we do is remember the past and no one is foolish enough to repeat it.

September 10, 2007

The Ward-O-Matic Sings Portland’s Praises

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Oaks Amusement Park by Andrea Jenkins from FlickrWard and Andrea Jenkins moved to Portland this year and they are enthralled with their new home town. You can read about their enthusiasm here:

Portland has been a gas stop on the way for Mt. Hood for me, so it’s inviting to hear what a newly transplanted family thinks about the place.

“It’s been so easy to love this new city of mine, with what seems to be TONS of things to do with kids in tow. We just recently checked out the Oaks Amusement Park this past Friday, and, even though it wasn’t like good ol’ Six Flags Over Georgia (Monster Plantation, anyone?), it still had the wonder and awe that only old skool rides can make for summer memories. They even had a roller rink, which I SWEAR had the exact smell of the 1970’s — they should somehow bottle it up and sell it on the street corners of America. I’d buy it. Ava and Ezra were loving the kiddie rides, all of which bordered on the “carny” side. In fact, the entire park screamed CARNY — they just never left town. (The park’s been a staple of SE Portland since 1905!) It was the perfect ending to a great summer.”

Ward has been a faithful lover of Atlanta, but it looks like Portland has won his heart. Welcome to the Wild West, Ward!

September 4, 2007

Jesse Stay Goes To Yellowstone

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Old Faithful Buffalo by Jesse StayI love reading about other people’s travels. Jesse Stay was nice enough to share his trip to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole with us:

You can see the photos from his trip here:

Yellowstone Park is one of my favorite places to visit. I love to see what other people experience when they go there. Never in my many visits have I seen a buffalo get this near Old Faithful. That was a once in a lifetime shot, Jesse!

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