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October 2, 2007

Ms. Jen Chooses Free Wifi Over Everything Else

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Hotel in D.C.

When it comes to hotels, Mike and I put a premium on Internet access over everything else. It appears that we’re not alone:

Ms. Jen is surprised at how the mid-range hotels charge 10 bucks a day for wifi when they should use it as an amenity to draw us in instead.

Until the mid-range hotels see the wisdom in complimentary wifi in the rooms to accent the FluffyWhiteBedâ„¢, Best Western and Microtel have my business for their combination of good value, clean rooms, and their free wifi.

For me, I’ve paid the $10 a day for wifi only to find out that their system is clunky and slow. I don’t care if it’s wifi or wired Internet access as long as it’s fast. Ms. Jen is right. The Best Westerns and the Travelodges tend to service me better in this respect than the “higher” scale hotels like Marriott.

Time to wake up and smell the complimentary coffee, hotel owners. Internet access is more important than the complimentary breakfast and fancy furniture combined.

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