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August 17, 2009

Kitykity Has Some “Interesting Travel”

Filed under: Travel — Laura Moncur @ 10:00 am

Fulmini 10.08.09 by ph. Sk8r1 from FlickrI love this story from Kitykity about her flight:

Normally while on a flight, about ten minutes or so before it lands, they go through that whole put-your-tray-tables-up thing. Well, this time, they started talking to us about forty five minutes out. The pilot came on, and he said, “There are thunderstorms in our destination city. We are not going to divert the plane, but we are going to experience some violent turbulence. You have about ten minutes to use the bathroom, then we are going to lock it and start cabin preparations.” I could tell the hunk next to me was nervous. The poor guy. What a flight to be on. So I strapped in, turned off my electronic device, checked my seat and tray table, then held on tight.

She obviously lived to tell the tale, but it’s just great to hear about scary plane flights.

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