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January 27, 2012

Betty White Talks About Camping As A Child

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This video of Betty White talking about camping in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada brought tears to my eyes:

When she talked of her memories, I choked up:

“I still at night, now, I’m an old lady, and if I can’t sleep at night, I go back and I relive those times and I can smell that air. I can hear the wind in the pines. It’s where my soul is.”

This video is even better. She talks about her childhood desire to be a forest ranger.

“As a kid, I didn’t want to be a princess or any wonderful movie star or anything like that. I wanted to be a forest ranger with all my heart. And back in those days, girls couldn’t be forest rangers. I remember on all those wonderful wilderness vacation that we would take, my dad always wore a forest ranger hat. It was his… thing. This last year, I am so thrilled that the Forest Service called me to Washington and made me a honorary forest ranger. So when they… the ceremony that they had, all of a sudden they came up with a forest ranger’s hat, and all I could think about was my dad. This always meant vacation to us in the summers. When I’d see that hat.”

Next time you’re shivering in your tent, thinking that you really should have stayed in a hotel, remember Betty White remembering her father and all those lovely camping trips in her late years. Knowing that you are building unique memories to last the rest of your life might take a bit of the nip out of the air.

Via: Who Knew? Betty White Has Wilderness In Her Soul

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