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June 14, 2012

Moncur Epic Journey May 2012: Big Dam Bridge in Little Rock, AR

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The best thing about the Little Rock North KOA was that they are so close to the Big Dam Bridge. They loaned us bikes and we were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery without hauling our own bikes for 3000 miles.

Big Dam Bridge Laura & Mike Moncur

The Big Dam Bridge is not just an expletive description. The bridge hovers between 72-90 feet over the Arkansas River, transporting utilities, offering scenic views and connecting river trails. Boats and barges stop at the Murray Lock and Dam to be transported up twenty feet, or down twenty feet, depending on which direction they’re traveling.

Big Dam Bridge Murray Lock and Dam

It was a short and easy ride to the Big Dam Bridge, but I wasn’t quite sure I was going to make it all the way across when I saw how big it was.

Big Dam Bridge

Once I got to the top, the view was totally worth it!

Big Dam Bridge

Big Dam Bridge

Mike and I made it all the way across and back again. I’m pretty sure that if we had been at 4,200 feet (like back home in SLC, UT), we wouldn’t have been able to do the whole ride, but being at such a low elevation (335 feet), we felt like superheroes! I guess there are some perks to living in the desert mountains and suffering through heat, snow AND mountain sickness. I was so proud of being able to get across the bridge, I bought myself a t-shirt commemorating it!

Big Dam Bridge Tshirt

At the top of the bridge, there were flags fluttering in the wind. I recognized some of the cities and felt a tiny surge of pride and happiness for Arkansas.

Big Dam Bridge

We didn’t discover the Big Dam Bridge until the second to the last day of our stay in Little Rock, but it made the entire city seem better. I am so grateful that our campground had bikes we could borrow and even more happy that we were able to enjoy that ride. Whenever I’m exercising at home, I need to remember that THIS is why I’m doing it: so I can see great things like the Big Dam Bridge when I’m traveling.

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  1. Spectacular Bald Eagle photos. Ive done alhgrit this year with eagle photos but I hope to get beter shots in the upcoming year. I have a few opportunities of photographing eagles at their nests in two locations so far hopefully I can find out about a few more sites. It will take a lot of patience inorder to get the type of photos I want and hopefully perfect conditions. Keep putting out spectacular photos it is inspiring and motivates me to sharpen my skills everyday.

    Comment by Mvmatvini — December 6, 2012 @ 5:36 pm

  2. I wish I would have known you were here! That bridge is about 30 minutes from where I live! The KOA camp was our home for a few months waiting on our permanent home to be finished!

    Comment by Suzanne Peterson — November 20, 2013 @ 3:37 pm

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