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July 20, 2012

The Two-Story Scad-A-Bout

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The biggest complaint I hear about teardrop trailers (after claustrophobia) is, “Where do the kids sleep?” Until I found this recent teardrop, the answer was, “The kids sleep in a tent.” Yesterday, I found this teardrop trailer on Google Images. It’s the Two-Story Scad-A-Bout.

Two Story Scadabout from Starling Travel

They were built in the 60s and were meant to sleep parents and the kids. Technically, the kids are still in a tent, but it’s on top of your trailer, so it’s a little warmer.

Scad-A-Bout Two Story From Starling Travel

I like how it has an awning that can attach to the top for shade.

Scad-A-Bout Two Story From Starling Travel

I can’t find out much information about these trailers, so I don’t think many exist on the road today, but if you’re making your own, you could certainly borrow from this design to create a teardrop trailer that can sleep Mom, Dad AND a couple of kids.

More photos after the break:

Scad-A-Bout Two Story From Starling Travel

Scad-A-Bout Two Story From Starling Travel

Scad-A-Bout Two Story From Starling Travel

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  1. Hello, If anyone out there might be interested in this double decker trailer, we are putting it up for sale as we just don’t use it anymore. Please check tincantourists for more info as it is listed on there. We are open to reasonable offers.

    Comment by Cindy Ross — August 5, 2012 @ 8:46 pm

  2. Nice, I bought a scad a bout in Las Vegas for $100. Had to evict chickens and rabbits out of it. The person that used it, banged it up prity bad. I managed to add on to the front and back, in order to restore it. Completely had to do all the inside. Floor and sides inside, were well preserved. I saw your two level, and like what you have done to it. Great Job. Ray

    Comment by Ray LeGarreta — September 20, 2012 @ 3:04 pm

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