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November 10, 2012

The Affordability of the Redneck Camper

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I’ve talked before about the benefits of camping in a redneck camper. You can see that here:

I found ANOTHER one on our local classified listings and I was (again) shocked at the cost: only $250!

Redneck Popup Camper

Now, this redneck camper is a little different because it’s a pop-up, so it’s a little more aerodynamic than the last one I found. Once it’s up, it looks really roomy.

Redneck Popup Camper

Inside, it looks decidedly Seventies.

Redneck Popup Camper

After the top is lifted, it appears quite roomy.

Redneck Popup Camper

There is even a closet for a porta-potty! It’s kind of gross because it’s carpeted, but it’s nice to have some privacy for the privy.

Redneck Popup Camper: Porta Potty closet

Whenever I start to feel appalled at the prices for truck campers, bumper pulls or tent trailers, I fire up the local classifieds and my hope for a good camper is restored. It may not be the prettiest shelter at the RV park, but it’s warm and inexpensive. The next time you are wishing for a warm camper to extend your camping into the winter, take a look at your local classified ads and find yourself a redneck camper. You just might be surprised at what you find.

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