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January 28, 2014

A Teardrop Tent Trailer

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I found out that half the roof of our tent trailer has wood rot. It will easily last another five years or so, but it got me to thinking what I would do if we had to replace the roof.

Jayco Eagle 8 Tent Trailer from Starling Travel

In all honesty, we’d probably junk the trailer and just buy a new one, but if I got creative, I might be able to replace the roof with something that might make the trailer look interesting and give us a little storage space.

What if I made the tent trailer into a teardrop?

Teardrop Tent Trailer from Starling Travel

Here’s what it looks like when I paste the top of a T@b trailer onto my tent trailer. It would open the same as a tent trailer and give us a TON of headroom and storage along the sides. I would have to make a spot for the Fantastic Fan, because the addition of that has been a godsend on those 104 degree trips to St. George. I don’t think I’d even have a window or that door because then there would be more room for storage.

This idea has gotten me all excited about replacing the roof of our tent trailer. I could turn it into something adorable AND have all the space I could dream of when the trailer is deployed. I have absolutely NO idea how to make this a reality, but I want it!

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  1. Greetings from Missouri,

    I was poking around the web, doing research for a camper purchase and stumbled upon your blog. Nicely done. I appreciate the posts on T@B trailers. I’m strongly considering a T@B CS with the bathroom option which is now available. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to drive a bit to see and/or purchase one. I also enjoyed your other posts on ultralight trailers.

    Off topic: I infer from some of your posts, you are in Utah. Thumbs way up for your fine state. We did a “grand tour” several years ago through most of the national parks. I need to get back to really prowl around Escalante. Last summer we did eastern Nevada (The Ruby Mountains near Elko and Great Basin N.P.) Very, very cool.

    Comment by R. Sherman — January 30, 2014 @ 10:52 am

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