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May 9, 2015

Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach

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I saw this video on Facebook and I about jumped out of my seat. I didn’t read the headline. I didn’t turn on the audio, it just started automatically playing. All I saw was a motorhome just driving into the water and sailing away.

It drives 80 mph down the freeway and 7 knots on the lake. You can’t take it out on the ocean and I certainly wouldn’t take it out on a windy day, but holy cow! That’s cool!

REALLY cool, until I found them online.

The price of that baby is 1.2 MILLION dollars! I KNOW motorhomes regularly cost that much. I KNOW that yachts regularly cost that much. I realize that is a perfectly acceptable price tag for a vehicle that traverses land AND water.

It’s just…

My beloved little camper only cost us about a thousand bucks.

The Tangerine Turtle from Starling Travel

And that boat that we got last year that is still in need of a good motor, well, it cost us about the same amount.

1968 Glaspar Towed by a Subaru Crosstrek XV from Starling Travel

Sure it needs a new motor and the Tangerine Turtle needed a plethora of little fixes and tweaks to make it perfect, but for less than 1 percent of the cost of the Terra Wind, I can have a fully working boat and camper. LESS THAN ONE PERCENT!!

I LOVE the idea of a fully amphibious recreational vehicle. I understand that technology like that COSTS money. I just can’t get myself to even dream about spending that kind of money on something so frivolous, especially when I can find suitable replacements for less than one percent of the cost of it.

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