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May 24, 2015

Vicki’s Westholt Tent Camper

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At the Popup Portal Rally at Dead Horse Ranch State Park last April, I was given the chance to see Vicki’s Westholt Tent Camper. I had no idea these campers existed before that rally, but they are really cool.

Vicki's Westholt Tent Camper

They were made in the mid-sixties and are a great example of mid-century design. See more about her camper and a video tour of a 1964 Westholt after the break.

Here is an old advertisement for the 1965 Westholt Tent Camper and Truck Camper.

1965 Westholtz Advertisement

Vicki was very nice to give me a tour, but it was really dark, so some of the photos are a little blurry.

Vicki's Westholt Tent Camper

We were all camping at that rally, so the inside of the camper wasn’t car show ready, but it’s amazing. It can easily sleep six people: four on this side.

Vicki's Westholt Tent Camper

And two on this side. There is also a small galley by this bed.

Vicki's Westholt Tent Camper

This table can be used inside or outside.

Vicki's Westholt Tent Camper

I was amazed at how little trailer stabilizers have changed in the last fifty years.

Vicki's Westholt Tent Camper

She replaced the tail-lights and they look really good.

Vicki's Westholt Tent Camper

Vicki's Westholt Tent Camper

I had to take a picture of the name of the camper or I was sure I would have forgotten it.

Vicki's Westholt Tent Camper

In the light of day and all packed up, her rig looks amazing!

Vicki's Westholt Tent Camper

Here is a video tour of a 1964 Westholt. It’s in desperate need of editing and was filmed vertically, but it does give you a good idea of how the camper works.

It was so nice to see such a well-preserved piece of trailer history! Thank you, Vicki!

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