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May 30, 2015

Uncle Wayne’s Boat

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Uncle Wayne and Aunt Babe from Starling TravelMy great uncle-in-law Wayne was rich (or at least we thought he was). I’ve talked about him before here:

In those scans of old photos, I found these photos of his boat with my grandma, grandpa and uncle Bruce. I can’t tell what kind of boat it was, but it looks pretty swanky.

Uncle Wayne's Boat from Starling Travel

Here is a picture with Uncle Wayne posing and my grandfather completely oblivious to the camera. The name of the boat was Ann, which was the name of my great aunt Babe. Everyone called her Babe.

Uncle Wayne's Boat from Starling Travel

Seeing these photos and how happy and excited my grandma and uncle look reminds me of WHY we like to go outdoors. We have little adventures and remember them when times aren’t quite so happy. It doesn’t matter whether we own the boat, borrow it from a relative or rent it from a spot at the lake. What matters is the fun we all have together and the memories we create.

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