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January 6, 2006

Eats, Nevada is no more

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Last month Laura posted a slideshow of photos we took in September of Eats, Nevada—the remains of a cabin-style roadside motel at I-15 exit 25, about 12 miles south of Las Vegas. We’re in the area again, and discovered that the dilapidated cabins have been torn down…

September 3, 2005:<br/> BEFORE

January 5, 2006:<br/> AFTER

It took us a while to verify that this is the same place, since they did a very thorough clean-up job—even the power lines that used to feed the site are gone—but you can see how the mountains match up in the photos above, and we found a freshly filled-in hole where the signs shown in our slideshow used to be.

For now, seeing this view is very strange, as if the desert has reclaimed the area from civilization in just a couple of months. I’m sure some nondescript condos will appear in a year or so, and there will be nothing to show that the cabins ever existed. Granted, they were falling apart and probably quite dangerous, but we’ll miss them.

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  1. In reference to the “Dalipidated Cabins”, being torn down, found very interesting, do not even know what made me think about it. Came as quite a surprise to me. I used to live in that area near Las Vegas/Henderson, moved up to Idaho about 5 years ago. A long time ago I talked with the owner of the land that those cabins sat on. At some point he along with his Grandmother were thinking about Renovating them. Obviously that did not happen. Did you have any opportunity to talk with the owner, prior to their distruction?? I believe he told me that they were constructed in either the 20’s or 30’s, can not remember for sure. If you have any additional info on these??

    Thanks, William R. Gates

    Comment by WILLIAM GATES — December 22, 2009 @ 11:06 am

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