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June 12, 2006

Airline Etiquette

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There is that point at the beginning of a flight when you find out whether you’re going to have a nice flight or a bad flight. It’s when you find out whether your seat partner is going to talk your ear off or leave you alone. John Nance, from ABC News talks about this and gives us some hints:

“After some 78 years of commercial airline flying, you’d think that someone would have published by now a guide to the fine etiquette of airborne verbal exchanges, highlighting the good, the bad and the crashing bore. But, in fact, few have ever really given it much thought, and what we learned in kindergarten about basic courtesy was probably enough for most of us.”

Here are his tips:

  • Arm yourself with headphones and books.

  • Feign sleep.

  • Try to ignore other distractions.

This is more an article explaining to the clueless people out there what is and isn’t appropriate behavior than a tips and tricks on how to avoid bores.

Honestly, I’m more likely to talk your ear off than leave you alone, so I read this article realizing that I had probably stepped on a few etiquette points. Next time, I’ll know better by keeping my voice down and feigning sleep.

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