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July 24, 2006

Salt Lake City, UT: Days of ’47

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Photo via: Tatsunosuke MatsuiToday is Utah’s Pioneer Day. It’s also called Days of ’47. Really, us locals just call it July 24th. For me, it’s just an excuse to fly a Utah flag and set off some fireworks. Here are some resources if you would like to know more:

I spent so many summers in Billings, Montana instead of Salt Lake that Pioneer Day feels like a gratuitious holiday. I remember working at K-Mart and listening to the other checkers complaining that they had to work on July 24th. It seemed perfectly logical to me because K-Mart isn’t a Utah-based company. The idea that we would get paid for a local holiday never even crossed my 16-year old mind, yet all those checkers were eager to complain at the injustice.

Next time you’re planning a trip in July, you might want to consider bringing your family to Salt Lake City, Utah for July 24th. There are parades, fireworks, and women dressed up like Laura Ingalls. Afterward, you can take the kids to Lagoon, which is almost as good as Busch Gardens. Okay, the more I talk about this idea the worse it sounds to me. Let’s try again…

If you like setting things on fire, you should move to Salt Lake City, because we allow fireworks TWICE during the month of July. Of course, there’s always Wyoming…

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