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June 13, 2007

Luxor Hotel SWAG

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My favorite hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada is The Luxor Hotel and Casino. It has lost a lot of its cool, Egyptian image over the years and has been through many renovations, but I still love it dearly.

Luxor SWAG 2006 from Flickr

This is the SWAG from the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was taken in the hotel in November 2006. I especially love the pyramid shaped shower cap containers. It’s not pictured in the photo, but they also give you a full-sized bath soap for the shower.

They change their SWAG so often. Here is a photo of some of the older SWAG from The Luxor Hotel.

Old Luxor SWAG from Flickr

Luxor has gone through MANY iterations of their SWAG. Here are only a few of the versions I was able to find. My favorite were the bottles from their spa, The Oasis, which is gone now. Check out the designs on the bars of soap. Nefertiti was on the facial soap (both on the box and imprinted on the soap) and King Tut is on the body bar.

You can also see one bar of soap from the short-lived variation that was a multi-colored pastel with NO reference to anything Egyptian. The design of that SWAG was pretty, but I really missed the Egyptian style. I’m glad they returned to it.

If you have any photos of the older Luxor Hotel SWAG, please upload them to the Flickr photo pool:

It’s a public group, so anyone can add photos. If you don’t want to join Flickr, please contact me and you can email me the photos and I’ll post them here.

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