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August 16, 2007

Toilet Paper Origami

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I love it when the people who make up my hotel room do this with the toilet paper:

Toilet Paper Origami

It costs the hotel nothing to teach their employees to do this and I prefer a small touch like this WAY more than those little sewing kits they include sometimes.

Here is a site that gives step by step instructions for toilet paper origami:

Part of me just looks at the work for toilet paper and thinks it’s crazy to do something like that, but the child in me loves that the hotel even cares about my toilet paper experience. If they can’t put in Charmin rolls, this is the next best thing!

Via: blog: Toilet Paper Origami

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  1. I love this touch of hospitality too. It demonstrates attention to detail, care, and makes a hotel visit more memorable. For more great toilet paper folds, check out the Toilet Paper Origami book at Amazon.

    Comment by lindaloo — February 14, 2009 @ 9:08 pm

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