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February 5, 2012

RV: Another Reason I’ll Stick With The Tent

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RV (Widescreen Edition) (2006) at Amazon.comRV with Robin Williams was recommended to me by a RV salesman in Nevada. He said,

“Now, you want to make sure that you open the black water valve BEFORE you turn on the water flush. Otherwise, you’ll be like Robin Williams in that movie.”

I had heard of the movie, but it looked beyond stupid to me, so I never watched it. He was talking about this scene:

To be honest the absolute stupidest scene in that movie is that one. It’s the most slapstick and the one that really plays up the gross factor. Other than that, the movie was surprisingly good. Partly because I was expecting a movie on par with the worst of Adam Sandler, I was pleased that it was merely mediocre. Will Arnett, Jeff Williams and Kristin Chenoweth all have cameos that are a joy to watch. In the end, I wanted to be part of the Gornicke family and ride along in their red and white bus.

There is a scene where Robin Williams and his family are trying to leave early in the morning to avoid the Gornickes. Watching them trying to pack up and go reminded me that camping in an RV is just as hard as in a tent. Not only do you have to remove the wheel blocks, you have to draw in the slide in and pull in the awning. And the movie didn’t even show them unhooking the RV from the hookups.

I always imagine camping in an RV would make things EASIER. All I’d have to do is drive up and park. No matter how many times I tell myself that it takes an RVer just as long to set up as Mike and I pitching our tent, I STILL have this image that taking an RV is easier. It was nice to see a movie that reiterates the fact that camping with an RV isn’t less work. It’s just DIFFERENT work.

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