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June 9, 2012

Folding Kayaks: An Old Idea Made New by Oru

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I have enjoyed our Sea Eagle Kayaks while paddling around the lakes and reservoirs, but this origami kayak looks even better. It is Oru, the folding kayak.

Origami Kayak photos via Make

It folds up into a small and easily portable box.

Origami Kayak photos via Make

There is a full review of it on MAKE’s website:

At $500, the Oru is nearly twice the cost of the least expensive Sea Eagle, but it packs up into half the size as a Sea Eagle, so if space is an issue for you, this might be the kayak for you.

Folding kayaks aren’t new. There was a plan originally created for the Boy Scouts of America that has been altered many times by various troops here is a PDF of a plan for a folding kayak here:

Here is a video showing you how to make that kayak using one sheet of 4’X8′ plywood:

If you’re handy and you have a car long enough to hold a slim slip of 8′ plywood, then you can have a folding kayak of your own.

No matter what you choose, there is nothing that compares to sitting on the water in a boat, surrounded by fish beneath you and birds around you. The serene and delicious pleasure of floating on the water is something that’s worth the extra effort of hauling kayaks to the reservoir.

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