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June 13, 2012

Teardrop Trailers from The Travel Channel

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During my teardrop trailer obsession, I never ran across this video, even though it has been posted since 2007! It’s a comprehensive introduction to teardrop trailers.

This video is so jam-packed with ideas that I had to highlight them because some of them fly by so quickly that you might not notice them if you aren’t paying attention:

I absolutely love this video, and when they talk about how easy camping in a teardrop is compared with a tent, they are absolutely right. Mike and I were VERY good at putting up the tent and camp kitchen because we had years of practice, but we never got quicker than thirty minutes of hard labor. With the teardrop, Mike and I got our setup time down to five minutes. The bed is already made, we can push the thing into the proper spot and pulling out the camp kitchen and chairs takes hardly any time.

Sure, there’s no bathroom or shower in the trailer, but you cannot believe how many people I talked to on our epic journey who don’t even USE the toilet or shower in their trailers. It’s always easier to use the shower at the campsite than to try to squeeze yourself into a trailer shower.

In the end, our teardrop trailer took us over 3000 miles from Utah to Tennessee and back. It was an easy and economical way to travel the country!

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