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June 26, 2012

One-Sheet Plywood Boat

Filed under: Boating — Laura Moncur @ 10:00 am

If storing a boat isn’t a big issue for you, here is a video showing you how to build a one from one sheet of plywood.

If you need more detail, I found a great collection of free boat plans here:

He even divides the plans based on how much plywood you have (one sheet, one and a half sheet, etc.). The plans show some details about how to put the boats together, but you need to have some woodworking skills to understand them. If you’re a beginner, it will be hard to go with just these plans.

I never thought of building my own boat before. Just like I never thought of building my own trailer or camping gear, yet, people have been doing it for years and years. They create their own equipment, making a unique and interesting addition to their leisure time.

You may not be able to take a trip every weekend, but you can certainly work on your boat, trailer, chuck box or camping sink in your free time, dreaming of those two weeks every year when you can use them.

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