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July 5, 2012

Mobiltec Takes A Side Trip

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Mobiltec visited Pleasant Valley Campground in California. His favorite campground, Horton Creek, was closed, so he had to camp in Pleasant Valley. He filmed a quiet little video of it. He showed the river, his campground and then went gold prospecting.

He talks about people from Hawaii coming to Taft, California to vacation:

Some of the people who came up here flew in from Florida and some of them even flew in from Hawaii, and it cracks me up that people who live in Hawaii, when they wanna go on vacation, they come to places like Taft, California to enjoy themselves. Well what are ya gonna do when you leave paradise? Where else can you go? You wanna do somethin’ different, right? It always kinda blows me away when that happens… ’cause I really have never liked this place.

I found that interesting as well. When Mike and I visited Hawaii, all the people there were obsessed with Las Vegas. That tiny glittering bit of neon in the desert was their preferred vacation spot. I guess even paradise gets boring sometimes.

Here is part two of his journey where he investigates old gold mines:

It’s amazing how quickly the earth overtakes what we’ve built upon it. There used to be ore rail tracks, but now there are only a few bare bones sticking out of the ground while wild Mustangs wander.

Here is part three when he goes to Fish Lake Hot Springs and Cave Springs:

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  1. I always wondered where people from Hawaii go on their vacations? What’s better than Hawaii? But I guess too much of anything can get boring eventually and everyone needs a change of scenery every now and then. I’m not surprised though that the Hawaiian’s favorite spot is Las Vegas. It’s sort of a Heaven and Hell contrast in life and I guess that’s what makes it so exciting for them. I’d still prefer Hawaii though.

    Comment by Sunriver — July 13, 2012 @ 8:48 am

  2. Hey it’s great to see people spreading my videos around. I love it. Subscribe to my channel to see what’s up next.

    Comment by Mobiltec — December 30, 2012 @ 2:28 pm

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