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July 15, 2012

Rude Plane Behavior: A Lesson in Inner Peace

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Flying to Disney World from Starling FitnessRude and noisy people are one of the MANY reasons I hate flying, but Lifehacker has a great article about how to ask people to be quiet and get their kids in line.

Their best advice is to introduce yourself BEFORE there is a problem.

I’ve found that before you do anything, however, it’s best to get on friendly terms with the people in your row. This is most easily done by an introduction and a short conversation before the flight takes off. Also, if you have the opportunity to do them a favor—such as help with their luggage or answer a question about the flight—they’ll be more inclined to do you the favor of shutting the hell up if they’re being noisy. This is important because we’re talking about two very distinct first impressions. If you do someone a favor or just come across as nice early on, you’re a nice person asking for something. If the first thing out of your mouth to the person next to you is “could you please quiet down a little?” you sound a little more like a whiney jerk (or a cartoon librarian).

Children, however, are a bigger issue because most parents KNOW their kids are being irritating, but their too embarrassed to do anything about it.

Most parents know that their kids are being a nuisance and feel really bad about it, but are also afraid to look bad and/or add to the ruckus by yelling at the kid to behave. It’s a catch 22 that makes it so they wind up not doing anything until they get home, even though the kid is making everyone, esp. the parent, miserable.

My biggest irritant is with a kid behind me, kicking my chair. Most parents don’t even notice that their kid is doing it, which makes it even harder. I saw a quote from nolite te bastardes the other day that brought it all into focus, however.

Inner Peace from Starling Travel

It reads:

Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace.

If that is the case, then flying on airplanes is the surest way to enlightenment, because there is so very much that needs ignoring. Next time something is bothering you on a plane, remember that quote and think of your flight as an exercise in inner peace, instead of four hours locked in a tin can with a crowd of inconsiderates.

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