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October 25, 2012

Glamping Explained

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Glamping is the mixture of camping with glamour. There is no reason to “rough it” if you want to enjoy the outdoors. Ironically, it was my husband, Michael, who introduced me to the concept. My sister, Stacey, wanted to go camping for her birthday. Mike begrudgingly agreed:

Ok, we can go, but we are doing this RIGHT. I want a REAL propane stove. None of this cooking on the fire stuff. It’s not going to be like in the boy scouts. I want an inflatable mattress and we are going to have a good tent.

Since that day, my definition of glamping has advanced to the point where I only want to camp in my tent trailer now. There are many times when I have said that camping in a trailer isn’t camping. I was right. It’s glamping. Kelle Arvay of Little Vintage Trailer fame, posted this video of her and Mary Jane Butters talking about glamping.

I love that we get to see parts of Kelle’s trailer that she has decorated so nicely. There are more photos of both her trailers here:

Next time you cringe when your significant other suggests camping, try glamping it up a bit. Add a propane stove instead of cooking on the fire. Bring a cot, inflatable mattress and REAL bed linens instead of that ratty old sleeping bag. Make an impressive camp kitchen that brings all the comforts of home. Find a cheap trailer and fix it up. Whatever you need to do to make it a good experience for you is what glamping is all about.

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