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February 8, 2013

Bloondesign Springtime: A Picnic Basket and Picnic Table All In One

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Even though I now have a kitchen in my tent trailer, I am still obsessed with camp kitchens and chuck boxes. I believe Springtime designed by Bloondesign is an ingenious idea. It’s a picnic basket, a picnic table and stores your food and utensils.

Springtime Picnic Basket Three Steps

It’s a clever design, as you can see from the original sketches.

Here is how it looks for carrying.

Springtime Picnic Basket Carry It

When you mount it to your bike, it looks like this.

Springtime Picnic Basket On The Way To The Park

When you set it up to eat at it, it looks like this.

Springtime Picnic Basket Ready To Picnic

Here is where you store your utensils and food.

Springtime Picnic Basket Interior Storage

Here is an overhead shot of the components.

Springtime Picnic Basket Components

Unfortunately, Bloondesign is more pretense than saavy. You cannot buy this picnic basket from them (or another manufacturer using their design) and they aren’t selling the plans. You might be able to create a picnic basket of your own based on these photographs, but Bloondesign would do so much better if they just had a way for me to PAY them for the plans.

If you create something similar to this based on their designs, please leave a comment below and a link to photos of your creation.

Via: Storage | Glee – Overachieving Picnic Basket

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