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February 9, 2013

Italian Designers Want To Make Your Flight Even MORE Uncomfortable

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Every time I plan a huge road trip, all our friends question me, “Why don’t you just fly?” It’s an easy question to answer when the airline designers at Aviointeriors are creating saddle-seats that shave even MORE of my personal space in an airplane.

This man, who is 6’2″ doesn’t seem to fit at all.

Airplane Torture Seats

I sincerely couldn’t believe the hubris of Fredrick Meloni, the man showcasing those seats.

Fredrick Meloni and the Airplane Torture Seats

If he really wanted to convince me of why these are better, he would have sat in the SECOND row, showing me how comfortable and roomy they are. Instead, he sat on the front row, throwing about his hands and showing me just how unpleasant a flight on a plane with those seats would be.

THIS is why I drive our trailer all over the country instead of “saving” time flying. They don’t care about me. They don’t care about my comfort. All they care about is cramming me into a tighter and tighter space to maximize their profits.

No, thank you.

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