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March 17, 2013

Use a Mesh Laundry Bag To Dry Dishes

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This article from Campfish has a bulk approach to camp dishes:

She says:

After each meal, fill three dishpans with water. Then add liquid detergent to one bin, bleach to the other and leave the final bin clear water. Each camper then washes their dishes in the detergent water, then moves them to the bleach water and finally the clear water.

All wet dishes go back in the bag, which are then hung on a line outside.

I really like the idea of the mesh bag to dry dishes.

Mesh Laundry Bag for Drying Dishes from Starling Travel

That was the idea behind this Hanging Camp Organizer by UtiliMate.

Hanging Camp Organizer by UtiliMate at

B&E Home Essential Laundry Mesh Wash Bag Set (Small * 2, Medium * 2, Large * 2, Bra Wash Bag * 2) - Set of 8 at Amazon.comThe only problem with the UtiliMate is that it’s $16, where mesh laundry bags cost MUCH less. Heck, here’s a set of EIGHT of them for ten bucks:

Of course, it’s just as easy to take a towel, DRY the dishes and just put them away, so maybe this whole idea is superfluous. Every time I see something that looks like it would make things easier, when I think about it, they just complicate things. In the end, nothing packs as light or dries dishes as quickly as a simple towel.

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