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April 7, 2013

Air-O 10W Sport Compact Camper by Wagoneer

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I was looking through the Google 3D Warehouse for interesting campers and I found a good one. It’s called the Air-O 10W Sport Compact Camper.

Air-O Sport Compact Camper from Starling Travel

There are more snapshots of it after the break:

A SketchUp model isn’t quite the same as plans for a camper, but it’s a good start. You can download the model here:

I love the shape of the Air-O 10W. I especially like the back of it.

Air-O Sport Compact Camper from Starling Travel

I’m not very familiar with SketchUp, so I couldn’t manipulate the object and see if the back folds up to create a canopy or down to create a flat surface for a camp kitchen. Either way, I like the design.

I haven’t figured out how to open doors and look inside, so all I could do was peek inside the camper and see the storage panels toward the back of the trailer.

Air-O Sport Compact Camper from Starling Travel

I really liked this design and it has made me excited about building a trailer. I have a perfectly good camper that I can use. I have no use for another one, yet this made me excited!

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