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November 8, 2013

Mad Magazine Skewers the Airline Industry

Filed under: Airline Travel — Laura Moncur @ 1:52 pm

I was looking at the most recent Mad Magazine, and they were making fun of all the fees that the airlines charges us, taking it to a crazy conclusion.

Click on the image to see it full-sized:

A La Carte Airlines from Starling Travel

It might seem crazy for an airline to charge you for an oxygen mask, but I wouldn’t be surprised if even more fees started showing up on our tickets.

I’ve talked about this before:

It has been almost thirty years since Carol Burnett skewered the airlines, but now, they have gotten JUST as bad as they portrayed. I wonder how long it will take until the airlines start charging us for unused barf bags, oxygen masks, seat belts and even the seats themselves.

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