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January 28, 2015

Interstellar Orchard’s Intro to Travel Photography

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Travel Photography Tips from Interstellar OrchardIf you want to take great pictures when you’re traveling, Interstellar Orchard has some very good tips for you:

For me, a trip didn’t happen if I didn’t take pictures of it. If there isn’t a folder on my hard drive labeled with a date and place, then the trip will be forgotten within a year. I realize the limitation of my memory, especially for visual things, so I take tons of pictures, but none of them as lovely as hers. I’m so glad she posted this tutorial, especially about how to take pictures of your rig. So helpful!!

Highly Modified 1987 Scamp Fifth-Wheel

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I found this Scamp Fifth-Wheel for sale on Craigslist and it amused me greatly. I love it when people put their own personality into a camper and this camper now has quite a bit of personality.

Highly Modified 1987 Scamp Fifth-Wheel from Starling Travel

The owner wrote an epistle about it in the ad. You can see it here: (Continue Reading…)


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