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October 31, 2015

Five Extremely Creepy and Haunted Forests

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In honor of Halloween, I found this video about haunted forests. The next time you’re thinking of camping, here are some suggestions for an particularly interesting excursion.

The Five Places are here:

Old House Woods, Matthews County, VA, USA

Cannoock Chase Woods, Staffordshire, UK

Dering Wood near Pluckley, Kent, UK

  • Wikipedia – Pluckley: Pluckley had an entry in the 1989 Guinness Book of Records for being “the most haunted village in Britain”, with 12 different ghosts reported.

Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania

Aokigahara Forest, Japan

After watching this, I think I’ll just go camping is in nice, brightly lit parking lot next to Walmart. How about you?

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