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May 18, 2008

One Minute Vacation: Watching the Water at Wildwood

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Take a One Minute Vacation to the Wildwood Recreation Area. While I was filming the latest Walking Video, I took a break and watched the water for a minute. Come along with me and relax by the Salmon River.


Wildwood Recreation Area
65670 E Highway 26
Welches, OR 97067
Google Map

Phone: (503) 622-3696

October 25, 2007

Postcard of the Week: Timpanogos Cave

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Jared, our friend, is only four years old, but he has been diligently practicing his writing. He sent us this postcard last month and we were delighted!

Here’s the front:

Timpanogos Cave Front

Here’s the back:

Timpanogos Cave Back

The postcard reads:

Timpanogos Cave National Monument Utah: A column guards the entrance to a lighted alove against the greenish flowstone and drapery-covered wall of the Big Room in Middle Cave. Photographer – William Hendricks

They write:

Dear Laura and Mike,

I opened the door to the cave.

Love, Jared

Please send me a postcard from your travels or your hometown. If you do and it’s interesting, I will publish your postcard on Starling Travel.

Send your postcards to:

Starling Travel
Attention: Laura Moncur
P.O. Box 522032
Salt Lake City, Utah 84152

It’s like sending a postcard to the whole world when you go on vacation. It’s like bragging about your hometown to the everyone on the planet.

September 12, 2007

South Carolina: Scarecrow Wedding in Spartanburg

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Imagine walking on a hiking trail in Spartanburg, South Carolina when you happen upon this scene:

Scarecrow Wedding

The Scarecrow Wedding decorated the trail back in March and entertained the walkers, runners and hikers along the way. You can see more photos here:


August 8, 2007

Bat Caves in Africa

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Michael Edwards went to the Kyambura Gorge and on his way to the Jacana Lodge, they stopped at the bat caves. This is in West-Central Uganda.

There are many places to visit bats all over the world, but Michael got some great video of them flying around this head.

July 11, 2007

California: Mount Madonna County Park

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Mount Madonna Park, California on Google Maps

Halfway between San Jose and Salinas is Mount Madonna County Park. It is a great place for camping and hiking. If you are planning a trip to California, you can find so much more than the Disneylands and the Sea Worlds. There is an entire state of experiences waiting for you. You can find out more here:

This park belonged to a Cattle Baron during the Gold Rush Era. All that is left of his mansion are moss-covered stones. It’s a surprising reminder of how quickly our most cherished possessions can deteriorate into nothing. It also serves as a warning that everything that we do to the planet is merely a scratch and Mother Earth can recover and overgrow your mark within years.

For a different sort of vacation, try camping at Mount Madonna County Park.

Where: Approximately 38 miles north of Salinas off Highway 101 – Google Map

June 21, 2007

Hiking Sandals: The Perfect Travel Shoes

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Hiking Sandals on FlickrThe folks over at 52 Projects always give me fun ideas for craft projects, but today, they have some sound advice about traveling shoes.

These hiking sandals went all the way to Cambodia:

Normally I would have worn running shoes on a trip such as our visit to Cambodia. That’s what I have always done in the past. But when I was in South Africa last year, I saw this couple wearing hiking sandals (matching colors, to boot), and I was like, “I am getting shoes like that.” (My feet were so hot and sweaty the entire time I was in South Africa.) So two days before we left for Cambodia (such a good planner, I know), I rushed to the sporting goods store (Paragon in Union Square) and purchased the above sandals. Those are Merrells, which is a popular brand, but there are several other companies that sell this kind of shoe. They cost me about $75.

Personally, I love my Merrell hiking sandals as well. They have taken me up and down Elephant Hill twice now and all over Disneyland. If you are taking a trip where it’s hot and there is a lot of walking, invest in a good pair of hiking sandals. Your feet will thank you for it.

April 16, 2007

Truckee, California: Benson Hut

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Benson Hut from Zen Mountain Climber on FlickrTed Rheingold is visiting Benson Hut just five miles south of Donner Summit in California.

I had never heard of it, probably because it’s the kind of place where you need to hike in all your supplies. It looks like an affordable spot to stay if you are willing to hike in and there are pristine ski areas that few run every year.

For more information:

April 9, 2007

Utah: Bridal Veil Falls

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Bridal Veil Falls, Utah by Phil BurnsHere is an excellent entry written by Phil Burns about his hike up to Bridal Veil Falls in Utah.

He gives you a good idea of how difficult the hike might be:

It’s a very easy hike, more of a stroll, until you go up to the base of the waterfall, that was a bit rough for the twins. As usual, I brought my camera with me and got what I think are a few decent shots… The walk from the parking lot to the base of the falls is short and paved and wanders through a park. Watch out for idiots on longboards though, they think it’s a good idea to ride their boards 30 miles an hour down the hill at kids.

If you like his entry about the Bridal Veil Hike, you might also like his description of hiking Battle Creek Canyon:

Utah is filled with such lovely beauty that is accessible almost all year round. From the city, there are so many awesome places to visit that I find myself surprised at how much I still haven’t see. Come enjoy the early spring hiking in Utah at Phil’s Personal Take.

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