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December 10, 2013

Subaru XV Crosstrek on the Mojave Desert Joshua Tree Road

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During Thanksgiving weekend, we took the Subaru XV Crosstrek out on the Mojave Desert Joshua Tree Road. The snow hadn’t hit the St. George, Utah area yet, so we had a dry and enjoyable ride on a rocky road.

Subaru XV Crosstrek on the Mojave Desert Joshua Tree Road

It was a difficult drive to find, but now that we have a good map, it’s easier. (Continue Reading…)

June 30, 2008

Moab, UT: Kane Creek Trail

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In the middle of May, we went with Stacey and Dan in the Hummer up Kane Creek Trail. It was a really intense trail, and I took videos of it:

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My favorite highlights are:

  • At the 3:38 minute mark, the dirt bike riders watch Dan drive up the trail and say, “It’s nice to see someone use a Hummer for what it’s for!”

  • At the 6:55 minute mark, the Hummer is right on the edge of the drop off and is balanced on two wheels. Dan and Stacey get past the hard part and make it look easy!

  • At the 13:57 minute mark, you can see some dirt bike riders make it up the hill. I used to think that dirt bikes would be easier than off-roading with the Hummer until I saw how tired these guys were.

  • At the 18:45 minute mark, there is a photo of a Jeep that didn’t make it through the trail and went over the edge. Unable to retrieve it, the owners have left it to rot in the ravine.

  • At the 18:57 minute mark, we are in the Hummer at the point where the Jeep went over the edge. It’s easy for the Hummer, but we laugh about it uncomfortably.

  • At the 20:03 minute mark, Stacey asks us if we’re ready to do the Lionsback Trail. I unequivocally answer, “No, no, actually, this is our final, final trip.” Of course, two months later, I’m excited about it again and want to go on Lionsback!

  • At the 24:00 minute mark, we are at the watering hole with lots of other people. Dirt bikes, quad-runners and Jeeps have only gone this far and stopped. The driver of the Jeep mentioned to us that he didn’t know it was possible to go any further. I guess you need a Hummer to get past that point.

We had a lot of fun on that trip and are looking forward to our next chance to go off-roading with Stacey and Dan in their H3.

August 21, 2006

Ash Buckles Explores Utah

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Ash Buckles likes riding his ATV and is always looking for a good trail. He shares a couple with us here:

He describes in detail how to get to each trail and even provides pictures of the beauty you will see when you’re there. This is his picture from Five Mile Pass.

Five Mile Pass by Ash Buckles

If you are looking for someplace to take your ATVs four-wheelin’, then check Ash’s website before you plan. He keeps a running log of his favorite ATV trails here:

June 2, 2006

Elephant Hill, Utah: My Introduction to Off-Roading

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I thought off-roading was a bouncy bunch of guys in Jeeps screaming and yelling while they go over the rocks all liquored up and willing to shoot at anything that moves. About a year ago, Stacey and Dan bought a Hummer H3. They have been taking it off-roading all over the state, but Mike and I have only gone with them once on a really minor 15 minute drive. I avoided off-roading because I had this pre-conceived image of what off-roading entails.

Instead, off-roading is a slow, meticulous and calculating journey. They were constantly checking where it was best to go in order not to damage the vehicle. This 1:52 minute video shows what off-roading was like for my introduction.

Click here to see the video

The drive was 45 minutes of careful driving, but once we got to Devil’s Kitchen, I knew it was totally worth it. Our campsite was remote and private. Tune in on Monday to see a video of what it looked like.

For More Information on our route:


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