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November 4, 2018

River Island State Park and Lake Havasu City

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Our trip to Lake Havasu was wonderful this year. We stayed at River Island State Park and there is no cell service here. We had WiFi at the campground, though, so that made up for it. I hate to leave. One weekend is NOT enough!

April 8, 2015

Dead Horse Ranch Arizona State Park

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For the first time, we stayed in Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Arizona. I love the Arizona State Parks. They are so organized. I love the emails I get about a week before the trip, reminding me of my visit.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park AZ Reminder Email from Starling Travel

We stayed in the Red-Tail Hawk Campground for the Popup Portal Rally.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park AZ Red-Tail Hawk Campground from Starling Travel

Our site was number 51 and it faced perfectly so that the afternoon sun was shaded by our camper.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park AZ Site 51 from Starling Travel

Here is a shot of site 57. The sunsets are beautiful here.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park AZ Site 57 from Starling Travel

Each site has a fire pit and some of them have BBQs as well. The camp hosts sell firewood.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park AZ Firewood for Sale from Starling Travel

While we were there, the campground was very windy. We had to take down our awning and thank goodness for the Martha Stewart grommet and bungee cord trick or our tablecloth would have flown away.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park AZ Windy from Starling Travel

There was a nice playground over by the lakes and my boy liked the swings a lot.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park AZ Playground from Starling Travel

It was a great place to stay and it was so close to Cottonwood and Jerome, so we were able to look at the shops and you could even taste the wines at the wineries in the area. Thank you for such a lovely weekend, Arizona!

April 7, 2015

The Tangerine Turtle Tour

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I’ve finally done it. I’m finally done with my camper. My 1993 Jayco Eagle 8 has been rechristened The Tangerine Turtle.

The Tangerine Turtle from Starling Travel

Here is a video tour:

You can see some photos after the break: (Continue Reading…)

May 30, 2013

Mello Mike’s Southern Utah Adventure

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Mello Mike went to Southern Utah in his truck camper and had a great time. You can read the introduction here:

My favorite photo is of his boondocking spot in the Valley of the Gods:

Mello Mike's Southern UT Adventure from Starling Travel

Check out his website and enjoy the beautiful photography!

March 8, 2012

The Quartzsite RV Show: I Am Not The Target Audience

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Last January, Mike and I attended the Quartzsite RV Show in Arizona. It has now been almost two months since the show and I can safely say that it was not for me.

The RV shows in Salt Lake City are huge collections of trailers, motorhomes and campers all available for sale. The hype around the Quartzsite show was that it was, and I quote,

The largest gathering of RVers in the world.

I thought that meant that I would be able to look at trailers and campers from every manufacturer in the U.S., but I read it wrong. It’s the largest GATHERING of RVers, not RV dealers or manufacturers. It was a show for people who RV, not an RV show.

Sure, there were a few RV dealers there, but they brought only the biggest and most extreme motorhomes and fifth wheels. I literally had a salesman laugh at me when I said we were looking for trailers 16 feet or smaller. He said,

“You can’t even sleep in 16 feet.”

That was the moment when I realized that the man had never heard of a teardrop trailer, much less had one to show me. For weeks before the show, I dreamt about finally being able to see a Heartland MPG or Forest River RPod in person. I stared my disappointment in the face as the salesman tried to show us a Starcraft AR One, which is quite possibly the ugliest lightweight trailer on the market today.

The big tent was filled with As Seen On TV products. It was like the Utah State Fair, but there were THREE salsa making demonstrations instead of just one. There were a few representatives from campgrounds there, trying to attract RVers, but when we asked if they had tent sites, they looked at us like we were insane. I could almost hear the gears clicking in their skulls. “Why would you sleep in a tent when you can sleep in an RV?” I could almost hear the question come to their lips, but they just shook their heads and said, “No, we don’t have any tent sites.” It was as if I had stepped into another dimension, where sleeping in a tent was nearly incomprehensible.

When we ate lunch, we sat at a table with three other couples. All of us enjoyed the delicious BBQ and talked about what we had seen. I asked them a few questions. “Are any of you full-timers?” Only one couple was. The other two were escaping the bad weather in Canada and Minnesota.

“Did any of you camp in tents before you bought your RVs?” Everyone said that they had. “Why did you buy RVs?” The answers were unanimous. They were sick of sleeping on the ground. I held my tongue and didn’t mention the cots that set up in less than a minute. None of them mentioned the cold, which is the only reason I’m really attracted to an RV.

I wished them all well and gave them my phone number so they could call me when they passed through SLC on the way back home, but it was obvious to me that I would never see any of them again.

Quartzsite just isn’t my scene. I’m not the target audience.

Starcraft AR One Photo Via: Starcraft AR One 2012

April 4, 2007

Grand Canyon Skywalk

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Chris Kahn with the Associated Press has a great description of what it is like for him to walk across the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

The Skywalk’s builders have said repeatedly that the deck is extremely durable. It’s essentially a huge steel horseshoe, capable of withstanding 100 mph winds and holding several hundred 200-pound people at a time.

I had no reason to doubt them. But out on the edge, my mind was racing: I tried to remember if any government regulatory agency had checked how well this thing was anchored to the cliff. I wondered what it would sound like for a million pound hunk of metal to uproot and tumble 4,000 feet. Like an earthquake, I bet.

This new installation is a walkway of glass and metal that stretches into the vast expanse that is the Grand Canyon. If you have ever wanted to experience the Grand Canyon as a vertigo-induced nightmare, the Haulapai Reservation has created the experience for you!


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