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April 27, 2013

DEATHstinations: Ghosts and Savannah

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Ask A Mortician visited Savannah and she talks about its ghosts and famous graveyards. She usually talks about death and our inevitable mortality, so even on her vacation, she talks about her profession.

I love how she categorizes the city:

Savannah is no doubt a city of death. It saw battles in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and a yellow fever epidemic that wiped out a thousand people in a week. Geographically, it’s not that big. You can’t swing a dead cat without landing on some paved-over 200-year-old burial, but does being on all those dead people really necessarily ghosts and hauntings and angry spirits, or could the whole city just be a Momento Mori? A reminder that we, too, will die and while there are dead people underneath our feet, we’re alive. ALIVE!

When we were in Savannah, we didn’t have much time to take ghost tours. We were there with Mike’s family because his grandfather flew in WWII on a B-17 for the Mighty Eighth Air Force. The museum for that bomb group is in Savannah.

Mighty Eighth Air Force B-17 Restoration from Starling TravelWe spent a lot of time at that museum and they are currently in the process of restoring a B-17 to its former glory, so it proves to be an even BETTER museum once that is done.

I’d really like to revisit Savannah and see that museum again, but this time, I’d also like to take some home tours and ghost tours. Oh, and don’t forget the Savannah Candy Kitchen! How I loved those candied pecans! THAT is a perfect way to celebrate being ALIVE!

March 9, 2007

Real Live Preacher Visits Gordon, Georgia

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Real Live Preacher spent some time in Gordon, Georgia. He sampled the food and amused himself taking pictures of all the signs with his name plastered all over them. You can see his story here:

“You know how it is when you go out of town. Three days feels like 10 days, but the people back home have been living their normal lives. Three days feels like one day for them. ‘What, you were gone?’ Hell yes I was gone. Gone to Georgia. GORDON Georgia.”

Real Live Preacher long ago told us his name was Gordon, but it still feels funny to think of him with that name. Where is the city named after me?


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