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October 22, 2009

One Minute Vacations: Time Lapse of Mount Hood, Oregon

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Take a simple one-minute vacation with this time lapse video of Mount Hood.

Sometimes we need just a few minutes of wildness to bring us back to our senses and feeling refreshed.

This video was filmed with an iPhone using ReelMoments [iTunes Link] by NexVio.

March 31, 2009

Portland, OR: Kidd’s Toy Museum

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Portland, OR: Kidd's Toy MuseumHiding in the heart of the warehouse district of Portland is a museum of toys. Protected behind glass to keep them safe from little hands, lies the childhood of many. A true piece of history is in each toy telling us stories ranging from the late 1800’s to the 1930’s. Ward Jenkins visited the museum with his two children and was surprised at what he found.

They simply don’t have the money or space to have the entire Kidd’s toy collection available to the public. But what is available to view is quite impressive.

A fascinating place. And better yet, it’s free!

Oh, and I have to say this: visiting the museum offered the opportunity for me to talk to Ava about racism. Hadn’t planned on it, but hey, no time like the present.

You can see all of his photos from the visit here:


Kidd Toy Museum
Google Map
1301 SE Grand Ave
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 233-7807

View Larger Map

July 17, 2008

Baker City, Oregon: Best Western Sunridge

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Best Western Sunridge in Baker City, OR by LauraMoncur from FlickrWe stopped in Baker City, Oregon on our way home from Mount Hood this month. This time, we stayed in the Best Western Sunridge. You can see the entire group of photos here:

The hotel SWAG was typical, but nicely presented:

Best Western Sunridge in Baker City, OR by LauraMoncur from Flickr

They were having the Miner’s Jubilee in a few days, so all the windows of the town were painted with this miner, Ma and the mule:

Best Western Sunridge in Baker City, OR by LauraMoncur from Flickr

It was a nice stay at the hotel and we enjoyed ourselves there!

May 23, 2008

One Minute Vacation: Clover in the Wind

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I loved this moment while hiking on the Wildwood Trail in Welches, Oregon.

Those little clover leaves taste like sour apples if you bite them. I don’t go around biting flora, but a local said mentioned it to me, so we tried them.

If you are feeling stressed at work, take a One Minute Vacation and watch the clover in the wind.


Wildwood Recreation Area
65670 E Highway 26
Welches, OR 97067
Google Map

Phone: (503) 622-3696

May 18, 2008

One Minute Vacation: Watching the Water at Wildwood

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Take a One Minute Vacation to the Wildwood Recreation Area. While I was filming the latest Walking Video, I took a break and watched the water for a minute. Come along with me and relax by the Salmon River.


Wildwood Recreation Area
65670 E Highway 26
Welches, OR 97067
Google Map

Phone: (503) 622-3696

May 16, 2008

Thai Home: Mt. Hood’s Best Thai Food

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I never expect to be able to eat well when I’m in rural areas. I’m perfectly willing to eat in any greasy spoon they offer me, but I am rarely surprised or pleased with the food. Thai Home, in Sandy, Oregon, however, was a delightful exception to the rule.

Thai Home Restaurant by LauraMoncur from Flickr

Mike ordered the Massaman Curry. It was a perfect blend and Mike gobbled it up.

Thai Home Restaurant by LauraMoncur from Flickr

Of course, I ate my Jungle Curry before I could even snap a photo. Yum! It had these peppercorns in it that gave it a spicy flavor.

Thai Home Restaurant by LauraMoncur from Flickr

Our meal came with a sample of this tapioca dish. It was slightly sweet with a hint of cream. I’ve never had a dessert of tapioca, corn and rice noodles, so it was a surprising delight.

Thai Home Restaurant by LauraMoncur from Flickr

If you are visiting the Mt. Hood area in Oregon, you need to eat at Thai Home!


Thai Home Restaurant 38676 Pioneer Blvd, Sandy, Oregon
Google Map
Phone: 503-668-0779

September 10, 2007

The Ward-O-Matic Sings Portland’s Praises

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Oaks Amusement Park by Andrea Jenkins from FlickrWard and Andrea Jenkins moved to Portland this year and they are enthralled with their new home town. You can read about their enthusiasm here:

Portland has been a gas stop on the way for Mt. Hood for me, so it’s inviting to hear what a newly transplanted family thinks about the place.

“It’s been so easy to love this new city of mine, with what seems to be TONS of things to do with kids in tow. We just recently checked out the Oaks Amusement Park this past Friday, and, even though it wasn’t like good ol’ Six Flags Over Georgia (Monster Plantation, anyone?), it still had the wonder and awe that only old skool rides can make for summer memories. They even had a roller rink, which I SWEAR had the exact smell of the 1970’s — they should somehow bottle it up and sell it on the street corners of America. I’d buy it. Ava and Ezra were loving the kiddie rides, all of which bordered on the “carny” side. In fact, the entire park screamed CARNY — they just never left town. (The park’s been a staple of SE Portland since 1905!) It was the perfect ending to a great summer.”

Ward has been a faithful lover of Atlanta, but it looks like Portland has won his heart. Welcome to the Wild West, Ward!

March 12, 2007

The Ward-O-Matic Goes to Portland

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Ward went to Portland, Oregon and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. You can find out more about it here:

He is planning on moving there, but you get to see all the beautiful sights from a tourist AND soon-to-be-resident.

February 23, 2007

Postcard of the Week: Crater Lake, Oregon

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Crater Lake, Oregon

Postcard from Brian D.

We just received this postcard from Brian D. in Oregon. It’s amazing that it arrived to us because it was damaged in the shipping. If you can see, our P.O. Box number was accidentally ripped off of the card. Fortunately, Brian had inadvertently written our box number as the zip code and then crossed it out. I don’t think it could have gotten to us otherwise.


Brian says he’s surprised that Oregon isn’t listed in one of my places to visit, and quite frankly, I’m surprised as well. Mike and I spent a lovely week in Oregon last year at the foot of Mount Hood. I’m shocked I didn’t write about it. Never fear, Brian! I’m going to drag out the photographs I took and write a few entries about our lovely stay in Oregon!

Please send me a postcard from your travels or your hometown. If you do and it’s interesting, I will publish your postcard on Starling Travel.

Send your postcards to:

Starling Travel
Attention: Laura Moncur
P.O. Box 522032
Salt Lake City, Utah 84152

It’s like sending a postcard to the whole world when you go on vacation. It’s like bragging about your hometown to the everyone on the planet.

August 31, 2006 in Oregon

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Next time you’re driving through Oregon, take a detour to visit, America’s first .com city. It was bought by a company,, during the first Dot Boom. Years later, how has it fared?

William tried contacting the town to see how they fared in this early Dot Boom deal:

Without an operative [town website] in place, I hit the phones, calling local businesses like the Clear Creek Farm Bed & Breakfast, the Birch Leaf Guest House, the Hillside Bed & Breakfast and the Halfway Supper Club: no answer anywhere. I assumed Angela’s Beauty Salon might be open for business on a summer afternoon — yet here, too: no answer. I left a message at Ronda Dillman Insurance Agency. Finally, I tried The Shop (”Need your car checked out? At The Shop, we don’t just work on cars, we fix them.”). A fellow named Gordon R. Kaesemeyer answered. He told me he was busy , but could give me a few minutes.

I asked him about the town’s decision to rename itself, which, Kaesemeyer told me, turned out to be a rather short-term arrangement. “We just passed a proclamation that lasted for one year.” I asked him whether the town actually got the money and computers promised by “Yeah, we got our money and some computers,” he assured me. ” ‘Course that just caused some problems like money always does.” Encouraged by his answers, I thanked him for his time and asked him to put me in touch with Halfway’s mayor.

“That would be me,” he replied.

When you visit Oregon, you can see the sites in Portland and enjoy the skiing near Eugene, but finding a town that survived the Dot Bomb after being bought out by an Internet company is something that’s hard to find. Give a visit and enjoy the small town charm.

Via: William Drenttel discovers what happened to the small town in Oregon that renamed itself “” (

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