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May 30, 2006

Boring, Oregon: Way Beyond Boring

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Back Up and Push by Way Beyond BoringNo matter where I go, I am always on the search for interesting local music. A couple of weeks ago, Mike and I went to the Mt. Hood area of Oregon. We stayed in Welches, Oregon. At the coffee shop, I found this CD by a local group called Way Beyond Boring.

The name of the band is a play on words because there is a town nearby called, Boring, Oregon. This group is Way Beyond Boring. They’re all the way to Welches, in fact. The CD was a fund-raiser for the local school district. I was surprised to see that they had nothing on the Internet about themselves, so I gladly added them to the Boring, Oregon Wikipedia Page.

Back Up and Push by Way Beyond BoringSadly, you can’t buy this CD online, despite its entertaining content. This group sounds like the bottle jug and mouth harp bands of the deep south. If you enjoyed the soundtrack for O Brother, Where Art Thou? then you’ll love these folks.

Wherever you travel, be on the lookout for small CDs sold at the local stores. They might not be the kind of music that you usually like, but they will give you a taste for the area far more than the local restaurants. These gems can become the soundtrack for your trip and every time you listen to them, they will remind you of your travels.

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