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November 13, 2012

The Utilitoy: The Perfect Toy Hauler and Teardrop Camper Combined

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“I’ve been obsessed with teardrop trailers lately,” I said to Matt back in March. This was before I bought the Teardrop American Outbacker (and sold it) and even before we bought the Palomino tent trailer.

“Yeah, me too.” He answered, which surprised me.

“Really? I’ve been trying to convince Mike to let me build one,” I confided.

“Want to see my design for the one I want to build?” He asked.

He pulled up a Sketchup design for a teardrop that could hold his two motorcycles during the drive, but then fold down to a bed for him, Christy and the kids once they got to the campground. It was ingenious and I told him so, but neither of us have the woodworking skills to make our teardrop trailers happen.

Fast forward to November and I was perusing the Net when I came across Utilitoy. It’s a teardrop trailer that is meant to haul your gear and then turn into a couple of beds at the campground. I was shocked at how similar the design was to Matt’s.

Here’s a video giving you a tour:

I love that it’s waterproof on the inside so that you can just hose the mud from the motorcycles out after you haul them home.

I also love the design for the bed. The origami metal fold outs are AWESOME!

Those huge doors on the back make this trailer so useful for hauling gear, antiques or whatever you would have used a pickup for.

Check out how easy it is to put a motorcycle in the Utilitoy.

According to Utilitoy’s Facebook Page, the Utilitoy is very reasonably priced (especially compared to other teardrop trailers):

Brand new fully loaded Utilitoy with AC and 19″ High Def flat screen TV available now for $8700 factory direct.

I, of course, immediately emailed Matt the information about this eerily similar teardrop camper and toy hauler. Matt’s reply? Only three words…

“Requesting a quote!”

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