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June 22, 2006

Review of Darlington Park, Ontario, Canada

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Mike Moon did a video review of the Darlington Park camping site in Ontario Canada. This is a 8:50 minute video that shows you far more than I could describe. If you are trapped at home wishing you could get out into the wild, watch this and enjoy the birds, flowers and wildlife.

Click here to see the video

MOON ECHOES: Tourist in my own town (Darlington Park – Ontario, Canada)

It sounds like you need to be careful which campsite you choose:

“We survived the evening just fine… very noisy. Lots of traffic, trains, whistles, certainly not what I was anticipating when I wanted to get away from it all. I thought that the traffic would ease up, but there was a constant whoosing sound of transports and cars in the distance.”

They got a new campsite further away from the highway to avoid the noise. The campsites look very private and there are lots of trees everywhere. There is a general store nearby where you can pick up supplies.

“I found the prices to be quite reasonable. The firewood was five dollars [Canadian] a pack, which is cheaper than other parks that we’ve been to. And the prices in the store were very reasonable. Good little place. Great guy was in there. He had a good attitude, good sales. Made us feel welcome and at home.”

The park is near Lake Ontario, so you can enjoy the water lapping at the shore.

Where: Darlington Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada – 1600 Darlington Park Rd. Bowmanville, Ontario L1C 3K3 Telephone: 905-436-2036

Ontario Parks – Darlington

May 26, 2006

Video Tour of Lakeview Park – Oshawa, Canada

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Continuing the “Tourist In My Own Town” theme, Mike Moon has posted an excellent video showcasing Lakeview Park in Oshawa, Canada.

Click here to see the video

I love the video of the swings, especially when the camera focuses on the point where the swings connect with the frame. They squeak and bend under the weight of the swinger. Enjoy the sound of the lake water hitting the sand. It’s a “kick in the butt.”

Via: videoblogging : Message: Tourist in My Own Town

May 16, 2006

Drive to Ski Hill – Apex Mountain

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Click here to see all three videosThis a link to three beautiful videos of Devlon’s drive to Ski Hill at Apex Mountain in Canada.

Sometimes we have skiing as late as May in Utah, but it’s very rare and really rocky. If you still have a skiing jones, you can head up to Canada for some spring skiing. The area is beautiful. Just make sure you don’t get lost.

For More Information:

APEX Mountain Resort Advanced Ski And Snowboard Terrain


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