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March 31, 2008

Pretty Hotel Key Cards from Flickr

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Here are some photos of hotel key cards that I found on Flickr:

Welcome to Yunfeng Grand Hotel from Flickr

Westin's pretty keys from Flickr

Room Key Card @ Hilton Tokyo from Flickr

yotel card key from Flickr

Key Card from Flickr

Westin's pretty keys from Flickr

March 28, 2008

Key Cards: Leave Them Or Return Them?

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It seems that Best Western is giving out some mixed messages:

Key Cards: Leave Them Or Return Them?

blue_j on Flickr describes it best:

On the wall, a placard stating a number of important rules and regulations. Important enough to be posted in every room, even if they did stick it in the back of the ‘closet’, behind the ironing board.

In my hand, the key card I was handed when I checked in, as well as the protective sleeve it came in.

The Placard. Full of information, but the first thing it mentions, in big bold lettering, is “PLEASE LEAVE KEY IN ROOM WHEN CHECKING OUT”

The Sleeve. Sparse and elegant, but the last thing it tells you is “Please return key when checking out.”

So which is it: Leave the key in the room when I check out, or return it?

I usually leave the key cards in the room because I don’t bother checking out at the hotel desk. What do you usually do?

March 27, 2008

Strange Threat On The Back of a Hotel Key Card

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If you have never read the fine print on the back of a hotel key card, today is the day to start.

Eyes Like Hawks on Flicker

eyes like hawks on Flickr

It reads:

If you find this key Card, please read below. Until 12 o’clock tomorrow, this card is valid in one of 532 rooms or in one of 17 conference rooms at the Clarion Hotel Stockholm. However, if you are a thief do not even consider visiting us, as we have very good security both inside and outside the Hotel and our Front Desk personnel have eyes like hawks.

It almost sounds like a dare to me. From now on, I’m reading ALL the small print if gems like this can be found!

March 26, 2008

Germany: Zadi Diaz Goes To Berlin

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Zadi Diaz went to Berlin a few weeks ago and she was nice enough to share her experience with us:

Once again, the hotel has used a key card for the electricity. Their first room had trouble connecting to the Internet, so they had to change rooms, which is a common experience, but the rest of the hotel was different from the U.S. in many ways.

berlin, germany day 001 / hotel from Zadi Diaz on Vimeo.

When they finally get out of the hotel, they show us some of the city:

berlin, germany: day 002 / bits of the city from Zadi Diaz on Vimeo.

Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Zadi and Steve!

March 10, 2008

The Drive To San Diego

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When you go on a road trip, so much of the travel is… well… on the road. Our drive to San Diego from Salt Lake City last month was quite a harrowing experience. Not only did we leave in a horrible snow storm, we took a back route through the mining roads of California. Here is a glimpse of our 14 hour drive.

Click Here To See The Video

Download this video for your iPod

When a drive to your destination is as harrowing as this one, it makes you start to wonder if leaving town is really all that worth it. It was sheer stubbornness that drove us to leave that morning with the huge flakes falling. My mom called in a panic when we were on the road, “It’s snowing like crazy here. You’re not really driving out today are you?!” I assured her that we were already on the road and well past the point of the mountain (we weren’t) and that the weather was much better in Provo than in Salt Lake (it WASN’T).

Of course, we’re fools.

If you are planning on leaving town and the snow is as bad as this video, don’t be stupid like us. Call your hotel and see if you can delay your travel for a day without a fee (fat chance, but it can’t hurt to try). A nervous and anxious drive to your vacation is the polar opposite of what a relaxing trip should be.


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