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March 28, 2008

Key Cards: Leave Them Or Return Them?

Filed under: Lodging — Laura Moncur @ 5:00 am

It seems that Best Western is giving out some mixed messages:

Key Cards: Leave Them Or Return Them?

blue_j on Flickr describes it best:

On the wall, a placard stating a number of important rules and regulations. Important enough to be posted in every room, even if they did stick it in the back of the ‘closet’, behind the ironing board.

In my hand, the key card I was handed when I checked in, as well as the protective sleeve it came in.

The Placard. Full of information, but the first thing it mentions, in big bold lettering, is “PLEASE LEAVE KEY IN ROOM WHEN CHECKING OUT”

The Sleeve. Sparse and elegant, but the last thing it tells you is “Please return key when checking out.”

So which is it: Leave the key in the room when I check out, or return it?

I usually leave the key cards in the room because I don’t bother checking out at the hotel desk. What do you usually do?

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