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December 11, 2009

Air Travel

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I was enjoying the prosh sounds of Mod Scene. I imagined that at any moment Michael Caine could walk up to me and ask for a shag. Then this song came on: Air Travel by Chris Farlowe.

It was a song extolling the convenience and joys of air travel. As far as I could tell, it wasn’t being ironic.

Here are the lyrics:

Air travel (air travel) it’s the thing of the day
Air travel (air travel) it’s doin’ fine
So come on everybody now let’s get on board
We`re gonna take a trip around the world

We’re gonna take a little trip up to China
Just to see the China wall
We’re gonna take a trip over to Niagara
Just to see the pretty waterfall


We’re gonna take a little trip up to Norfolk
Just to see them build a great big ship
We’re gonna take a trip over to New Orleans
Just to see the girls shake their hips


When all of this is over
I know it’ll be too soon
But we’ll all come over to my house
And we will dance by the light of the moon


Can you imagine it? A time when people ENJOYED flying in an airplane? No strip searches at security. No elbows and shoulders crowding you for hours. I imagine it to look a lot like this:

Click to see full size United Airlines ad

Ad via: vintage_ads: United Airlines

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