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December 16, 2011

swissRoomBox Makes Car Camping Functional

Filed under: Camping — Laura Moncur @ 10:50 am

Check out this video for the swissRoomBox. It turns your car into a mini-RV!

The water pump, refrigerator and other electrical items run off your car battery. I love how the boxes move out of the car for a camp kitchen like a teardrop trailer, but then also move toward the back to make the base for your bed within the car. This video showed a rather large car, but it will work with a compact car as well. Here is a small car with the swissRoomBox in kitchen mode:

swissRoomBox in a compact car

Here is it in sleeping mode. It looks a little claustrophobic for my tastes, but it’s still doable.

swissRoomBox in a compact car

Here is a video showing a family camping with the swissRoomBox:

Here is the extreme skiing version of the video complete with a DJ Rave and snow-kissed fondue:

If you understand French, this video might be helpful as well:

It nice to see it work with a tiny car as well as a large minivan. The swissRoomBox is a made-to-order item and is quite expensive, but it makes car camping look so fun and easy!

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